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10 reasons why you should choose a self-catering break for your next holiday in Ireland

Self-catering accommodation is becoming increasingly popular in Ireland and there are many reasons why. Here are the top benefits as told to us by our self-catering guests: 

1. Space
This is particularly important if you are travelling with children on a family holiday (think buggies, travel cots, etc). It is also a huge advantage if you number more than two and especially if you are travelling as a group of friends or family. Rather than stuffing you and all your luggage in one bedroom you will have separate bedrooms, living space and bathrooms. 

2. Flexibility
This is probably the biggest plus of self-catering accommodation. You can eat when and what you want and you can easily accommodate fussy eaters or special dietary requirements. You can also go to bed early, have a siesta and come and go as you wish with no one being disturbed. 

3. Facilities
You will have everything you could need for your self-catering holiday provided and therefore will not need to bring it with you when you travel. If you are lucky enough to combine your self-catering accommodation with nearby hotel facilities you can enjoy the addition of a leisure centre, kids’ clubs, restaurants and bars. 

4. Number one for families with small children
Even something as simple as making, storing and sterilising baby bottles is so much easier with a fully equipped kitchen of your own. Children will have extra space for toys and moving around and parents and children will not be forced to share a bedroom necessitating everyone going to bed at 8pm. 

5. A chance to sample the local culture and food
Because you will have more freedom of choice you are more likely to try out local restaurants, markets and entertainment venues, sampling the local food and culture. When you get tired of all that you can enjoy an evening in and a home-cooked meal!

6. Maintaining a routine
This can be very important if you have small children or elderly family members with you, or if you are staying for more than a few days. You can continue at least some of the normal routines and activities that you would have at home, making for less stress or disruption. 

7. More economical
Always a plus and particularly true when you are travelling as a group of family or friends. Everyone can chip in for expenses and accommodation making it a more affordable option. This leaves extra to spend on treating yourself to a spa day, a night out or dinner in a restaurant!

8. Hotel facilities included
As already mentioned the best self-catering option is one where you are part of a hotel complex but separate from it. You have all the advantages of self-catering accommodation but you can also dip in and out of the hotel facilities. These could include a leisure centre, spa, kids’ clubs, nightly entertainment, restaurants and bars, and all within easy reach. 

9. Ideal for socialising and celebrating
Groups of family and friends can get together in the evenings and relax, enjoy a meal and even a sing-song with plenty of space and no one to disturb. This is ideal for group holidays or for celebrating a special occasion when being together is all-important. 

10. Better for longer stays
A long stay in a hotel can eventually bring on cabin-fever as you feel the walls of your one room begin to close in on you. With a self-catering apartment or house, you will feel more at home and with the facilities already mentioned you can maintain a somewhat normal routine. You can also take a break from each other, which can often be the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful holiday!