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10 Tips For a Stress Free Wedding

10 Tips For a Stress Free Wedding

The time leading up to your wedding and the day of your wedding can be either stressful and exhausting or enjoyable and memorable for all the right reasons. You have the power to decide which it is going to be. Of course, you cannot control or predict everything, so a small amount of stress is inevitable. However, you can retain control of the type of experience you are going to have. Here we have gathered some useful tips to help you manage this exciting time in your life and come out on the side of enjoyment.

1. Don't lose sight of what the occasion is about

Do not lose sight of what the occasion is all about – a marriage of two people for love. Plain and simple, that is the most important part of the day and the reason for everything else. Favours and seating plans, whether to add cocktail sausages to the evening buffet and all other details come after that. They are not as important and should not create undue stress and anguish. So long as you have a marriage ceremony that means what you want it to mean the day will be a success.

2. Keep it simple

Following on from the first point, do not make your wedding too complicated unless complication and attention to detail is what you thrive on. If you are someone who is naturally scattered or not a details person then do not add in a thousand details and extras to be remembered and organised.

3. Delegate

You cannot do everything yourself and you should not try to. If someone else who is reasonably competent offers help accept it and trust them to do their best for you.

4. Keep it real

Idealism can lead to disappointment. If you have been dreaming in detail of what this day will look like and feel like since you were eight years old, it will be very hard to live up to. Be realistic and do not raise the bar too high.

5. Be considerate of others

Consider who else is involved in this occasion. Remember that there are two people getting married. Equally, as much as you would like to make it just about the two of you remember that for your families your marriage may also be highly significant, and they should not be dismissed out of hand.

6. Compromise if needed

Wedding stress is most often caused by people rather than venues or arrangements. Learn to compromise and work together with your other half and you will be stronger together as a team. After that each of you should deal with your own family as you know them best and know the best way to handle them.

7. Create a schedule

Have a schedule for the day and try to stick to it. Neither of you should be an hour late for the ceremony and nor should you delay sitting for dinner because you decide to take photos on a whim at a spot 50km from the reception venue. Delays like this will cause stress as you deal with disgruntled and hungry family and guests.

8. Nail the basics

Get the basics right. A great band; a venue with s strong reputation for good food and service; ample, affordable accommodation for your guests - these are what your guests will remember, and most other things will go unnoticed. Ask your wedding coordinator for trusted local suppliers for everything else, especially if you are not familiar with the area where you are getting married.

9. Don't overspend

Stay within your means. An extravagant affair that will leave you in debt for the next 5 years will cause stress in the lead-up to the day and afterwards too. Not what you need starting out in married life.

10. It's ok to be nervous

Finally, it is important to realise that nerves are ok and perfectly normal. It does not mean there is something wrong or that you are going to collapse in a quivering heap at the bottom of the aisle. Just accept them as something everyone experiences and as a positive sign of how important these vows are to you.

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