Sneem Town

Sneem Village

Sneem Village

Sneem is a charming village on the Ring of Kerry – the most scenic route in Ireland. While many tourists pass right through, very few get the chance to experience the tranquillity of these beautiful natural surroundings. Perched on the edge of MacGillycuddy’s Reeks mountain range and the scenic Kenmare Bay, Sneem is located between Kenmare, Caherdaniel and Waterville on the N70. 

Known as "The Knot in the Ring of Kerry," Sneem is a hidden treasure, inviting travellers with its timeless beauty and authentic Irish hospitality. Sneem's history goes back centuries, and its name, "An tSnaidhm" in Irish, meaning "the knot," perfectly describes its essence—a knot of tradition, history, and natural beauty. Its streets wind through rolling hills, and the gentle Sneem River provides a soothing backdrop. Sneem's most striking feature is its colourful houses, fondly called "Sneem's Dye." Locals paint their homes in vibrant hues, creating an enchanting, almost fairytale-like atmosphere. As you stroll through town, you'll find the palette of colors captivating. Sneem offers more than just visual charm. It's an outdoor enthusiast's dream, with opportunities for hiking, cycling, and water activities. Whether you're walking the famous Kerry Way, kayaking in Kenmare Bay, or simply taking in the breathtaking views on the Ring of Kerry, Sneem is your gateway to nature.

In addition to its natural beauty, Sneem boasts a rich cultural heritage. The village is home to charming shops, cafes, and galleries where you can explore local art and crafts. Sneem village hosts various festivals throughout the year, like the Sneem International Storytelling and Folklore Festival, celebrating Ireland's storytelling tradition.

When it comes to hospitality, Sneem excels. Its friendly residents are known for their warmth and eagerness to share the village's beauty with visitors. You'll experience first-hand the genuine Irish hospitality during your time in Sneem and none moreso than at Sneem Hotel which is as renowned for comfort and hospitality, as it is for its stunning location on beautiful Goldens Cove with panoramic bay views.

In conclusion, Sneem village is a hidden treasure for travellers seeking Ireland's natural beauty, culture, and warmth. With its colourful charm, natural splendour, and welcoming spirit, this idyllic village leaves a lasting impression on visitors along with many happy memories